Guide to Buying a New Ottawa Home

Guide to Buying a New Ottawa Home


  • Whether you are planning to buy a new home or a resale property the first step should be financing. This will allow you to plan the financial side of home ownership. You should talk with more than one mortgage broker. Ask about the pros and cons of each mortgage product. Do not focus solely on the mortgage rate.
  • Find out about penalties, extra payments, accelerated payment options, amortization period and various term options. Make sure to include property tax (or an estimate), insurance, utilities and maintenance in your budgeting.


  • Many new homes in Ottawa do not come with certain important features. Air conditioner, fences, and even landscaping may cost you extra. Find out from the builder what exactly is included in the purchase price.Once you know what you can afford organize your search based on what you need, what you want and where. Being prepared before you dive in is a smart idea.

Think short & long term

  • Think both short and long term, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. says on its website, a great resource in the new home hunt. If this is not going to be your forever home, you need to keep resale in mind. CMHC recommends buying a home that will meet most of your needs for five to 10 years, or that can grow and change with your needs. Ask your real estate agent for information on recent sales in the neighbourhood and see if there are any recent sales of the very models you are considering.

Your new home search

  • When starting your search, take your time another to learn about who the builders are, where they’re building, what their price ranges are and what their houses look like. This will take some time but it is well worth it.

Visit model homes

  • While many builders agree buyers are much more savvy and have typically done at least some online research before going to the sales centre, they caution that that’s only the first step. Online research is only a step. Once you start visiting different communities and model homes you will get a much better idea of what you actually like and want, and what you can live without.

Contact me if you have any questions about searching for a new home and how to get a financial approval. Reading this short guide to buying a new Ottawa home should be followed by discussing your options with a real estate agent, as there may be entire communities and type of homes available that you never heard of.