Ottawa Property Listings Real Estate Services



Seller services

Selling a property fast for top dollar requires a plan that goes well beyond listing the home on the MLS.

Ottawa Property Listings offer industry leading online exposure of every home we sell and precise reporting and feedback to all our seller clients.

  • A market position analysis of your property.
  • Market trend and recent sale report.
  • Direct competition analysis both sold and presently on the market properties.
  • Professional supporting services such as photography, video staging and more.
  • Targeted online marketing for each individual home we have for sale.

Buyer services

Buyers can accept a full service method from Ottawa Property Listings. You will not only be receiving all new listings that appear on the MLS system but full representation when you are looking for new homes or for sales by owners. Buyers pay no commission to us regardless what type of home they chose to purchase.

  • Automated email notification of all new listing fitting your search parameters
  • Full representation to our buyer clients -whether they buy resale, new or for sale by owner homes.
  • No commission or fee paid to us by buyers

Relocation services

When moving to Ottawa our team will:

  • Contact you to find out what you need and what you want in your new home.
  • Research and send you information and online resources on neighbourhoods, real estate, city maps, schools, recreation facilities, public transit and any other information you require.
  • Assist you to make your stay in Ottawa comfortable and your house search efficient .
  • Prioritize your showings during your visit – your visit here will be intense and productive!
  • Refer you to experienced real estate lawyers and inspectors.
  • Provide you with further contacts if needed.
    We know that coming in from another location can be overwhelming while you may be required to make quick decisions. We will do our best to provide you all the background information you need to make the best decision.

When relocating to another place from Ottawa our real estate agents will get you in touch with a reputable Realtor to provide you great service in your new home region. In Ottawa our group will give you a market trend and recent sales analysis and consult you on the best strategy to make your move and home sale successful.

Investor services

We have worked with a number of real estate investors in Ottawa. There are many investment models and once we gained a thorough understanding of your ideas and needs we will provide you the most efficient way to find fitting potential investment properties.

  • Search for multi-family units
  • Search for appropriate zoning classes
  • Search for appropriate lot sizes and locations
  • Check and review existing residential leases
  • Specialized mortgage services for 5+ unit properties

Construction services

We are partnered with a local construction firm specializing building multi unit building for custom projects. The focus of such projects is to locate, secure, purchase and develop a real estate property that builds equity for the investor.

For more information contact Simon Muhl directly.