Stonebridge Barrhaven

Stonebridge Barrhaven

Stonebridge Barrhaven


Stonebridge – Halfmoon Bay – Heart’s Desire is located by Fallowfield Road on the north, Bankfield Road on the south, and both Woodroffe Avenue and the Rideau River Branch on the east. Moodie, Barnsdale, Cedarview, Halley and Greenbank Roads lie to the west. Modern Barrhaven began to develop from the 1960s on a 200 acre piece of land originally meant for the Rideau-Carleton Raceway. Mel Barr (after whom the neighbourhood was named) built a new residential community in the racetrack’s place. Since the 1960s, the area has expanded to include Stonebridge – Halfmoon Bay – Heart’s Desire and its surrounding communities.

Stonebridge Barrhaven Information

Stonebridge, Heart’s Desire and Half Moon Bay

Population:    Total population 37625     Total male population 18355    Total female population 19270

Families and Children:

Average number of children per family 1.3 (vs 1 for the Ottawa average)

Number of English child care programs 9    Avg. distance to nearest English child care program (km) 1.1

Number of French child care programs 4     Avg. distance to the nearest French child care program (km) 1.6

There are English, French, French Immersion, Catholic and Public schools education the children of Barrhaven.

Housing Types

Variable Stonebridge – Halfmoon Bay – Heart’s Desire Average
% of single-detached houses 52.6
% of high-rise apartment 0
% of movable dwellings 0
% semi-detached 6.6
% row house 37.4
% duplex 0.1
% low-rise apartment 3.2